OsoLite, Perforating Guns, Ported Subs,
Frac Plugs, and more

Oso is dedicated to providing you with competitively-priced, high-quality completion technologies at unprecedented lead times. All our products are made from thoroughly tested materials and undergo multiple inspections during and after the manufacturing process.

We offer a variety of perforating guns, perforating gun hardware, and frac plugs to solve your perforating challenges. Our latest solution, OsoLite®, is a revolutionary, prewired disposable gun system designed to “Lite’n” your workload, reducing your costs and increasing wireline efficiencies.

We take great pride in designing and manufacturing innovative technologies that are safety-focused, easy for you to use and cost effective. Simply put, we design technologies that our customers want to use. If you have product ideas that will help accomplish these goals for your jobs, our engineers would love to help! Contact Us today to get started.


Prewired Disposable Gun System

Perforating Guns

Conventional Scalloped Perforating Guns

Ported Subs

Conventional & Angled Port Subs

Composite Frac Plugs

4 1/2", 5", & 5 1/2" Plugs