Lite'n Your Workload with Oso's
Prewired, Disposable Perforating Gun System

Eliminate the need to redress components at the shop with OsoLite®. Our innovative system drastically reduces your assembly time with a prewired charge tube and encapsulated prewired addressable switch. Add your choice of explosives, connect your detonator, thread subs engaging contact and go!

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OsoLite Product PhotoOsoLite Product Photo


  • Prewired addressable switch
  • Select your preferred shaped charges
  • Two wires exposed for easy detonator connection
  • Approximately 25% reduction in length of gun string compared to conventional guns
  • Electrical connection verified prior to shipment to your location
  • Elimination of feed-through wire


  • Dimensions: 2.750, 3.125 OD X (less than 3ft lengths)
  • Operating Temperature: -20 to 300°F (-29 to 148°C)
  • Rating: 17,000 PSI