Addressable Switches & Energetics

Oso offers a full suite of products designed to enhance your perforating operations, including addressable switch technologies and energetics products. Combined with our perforating guns, Oso delivers comprehensive, safe and efficient perforating solutions to fit your needs.

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Oso Perforating distributes Tru-Perf SwitchesOso Perforating distributes JRC shape charges

Addressable Switches

  • Enhance plug and perf safety and reliability
  • Check the status of guns or plugs while running in-hole
  • Skip a gun in the event of a misfire
  • Reduce risk of accidental fire

Tru-Perf Addressable Switch Specs

Shape Charges

  • Drastically improve detonation precision regardless of well deviation
  • Improve hole size consistency without centralization
  • Ensure even distribution of fracture pumping pressure
  • Improve injection rates

JRC Charge Performance Data