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The Colt 45 Line of Perf Guns from Oso Perforating

Our Colt 45 Perforating Systems are the product suite to cover all of your perforating needs! Built in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Oklahoma City, this range of products offers American quality at a competitive price. This is accomplished through our engineers’ efforts to decrease componentry and assembly time of the system, in turn destroying the competition with best in class efficiency at the most competitive pricing. To put it short, it’s the

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Colt 45 Trigger Side View

Oso Perforating has created the industry's first cylindrical interrupter that removes air gaps to eliminate low order ballistics transfer (*patent pending). Pull the "Trigger" and shoot with confidence every time!

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Colt 45 Revolver Side View

This design eliminates weight bars and gives you constant communication for the trip down hole and while you shoot. No intermittent communication problems makes it the most reliable self-orienting perf gun on the market!

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American Ingenuity

Oso Perforating proudly embodies the spirit of American ingenuity in every aspect of our manufacturing process. Our perforating guns are not just products; they are a testament to the craftsmanship and skill of the American workforce. Our perf guns not only exemplify superior quality, but also contribute to the growth and support of local communities by creating jobs for hardworking Americans.

Oso Perforating is dedicated to a celebration of American craftsmanship, fostering innovation, and supporting the livelihoods of our fellow citizens. When you choose Oso Perforating, you are not just choosing the best perf gun on the market; you are investing in the strength and prosperity of America.

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Oso Perforating

Setting the Industry Standard

Since 2016, Oso Perforating has been leading the perforating gun industry through innovation, trust, and reliability and we strive to set the new industry standard with each product that we create.

With our experienced engineering team, state of the art USA based manufacturing facility, and superior logistics, Oso has the ability to deliver quality products right to your jobsite when you need it.

Why Choose Oso?

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Maximize Efficiency

As your perforating technology partner, Oso maximizes your operational efficiencies. We design innovative technologies that minimize the number of components you send down hole, enhancing your completion functions and your bottom line.

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Maximize Profits

Oso strives to maximize your profits by combining domestic manufacturing with a diversified supply chain. We deliver competitively-priced, high-quality products at unprecedented lead times, getting you to production faster.

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Exceptional Service

At Oso, we take pride in outperforming our competition through exceptional service. Your voice matters to us and drives us to quickly adapt and innovate within the ever-changing landscape of our industry.


Superior American Craftsmanship

The Oso Perforating manufacturing facility is located in Oklahoma City, allowing us to deliver high-quality, American-made perforating guns to your jobsite when you need them and with the reliability that Oso Perforating is known for.

Our manufacturing facility is so efficient, you'll think we hired a team of robots to run the show. But don't be fooled, the real stars of this operation are the highly skilled and dedicated individuals who have mastered the art of lean/six sigma processes. You can trust them to deliver excellence faster than the roadrunner on Red Bull.

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Innovating Your Wireline

Delivering a trusted and reliable perforating gun starts with the best engineering team in the industry. Our engineers are so awesome that we have deemed them the "OSO Ninjaneers"!

With each new Oso product, the Oso Ninjaneers strive to deliver not only the most reliable perforating gun systems on the market, but to innovate and shake up the industry as a whole. Our Oso Ninjaneers design to deliver one of the most competitively priced and highest efficiency gun systems on the market.

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Oso Perforating Ninjaneers at Work

Oso Ninjaneers at Work

Who We Are

Powered by Servant Leadership

At Oso Perforating, we prize and praise our collective success over individual accolades. Our leaders are servants working to advance the goals of the people around us and the organizations we work with, while honoring God along the way!

We drive an energetic, team-based culture through intentional focus, integrity, and accountability. Our culture is shaped through our adherence to our core value system. We work hard, play hard, and never forget to laugh.

About Us

Careers at Oso

The Oso team is the crème de la crème of corporate/manufacturing rockstars, the pinnacle of professionalism, the envy of every office space and manufacturing floor. We believe in modeling servant-leadership, which basically means that we treat our employees like royalty - without the big hats and scepters, of course. We listen to each other’s needs, lift each other up when we’re down, and always lead by example.

Apply online today if you want to become a part of the crème de la crème!

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  • Careers at Oso Perforating
  • Careers at Oso Perforating
  • Careers at Oso Perforating
  • Careers at Oso Perforating
  • Careers at Oso Perforating
  • Careers at Oso Perforating
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