About OSO

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Our Story

Oso Perforating is a downhole tool provider specializing in perforating technology. We design and manufacture high-quality perforating products and ancillary equipment. We take pride in providing our customers with industry leading completion tools that are innovative while cost-effective. Our manufacturing capacity coupled with our technical prowess allows us to be highly responsive to our customers. We began our operations in 2016 and are a wholly-owned subsidiary of SEF Energy.

Our Leadership

In 2016, Oso Perforating was founded by Clay Hunt and quickly joined by David Knecht. In 2018, Oso Perforating became a wholly owned subsidiary of SEF Energy. SEF Energy is a private holding company committed to growing U.S.-based oilfield equipment companies that are manufacturing-oriented and technology-driven. Learn more about our leadership team.

The Oso Difference

To us, the “OsoDifference” is the drive towards always conducting our business practices in a highly integrity-sought manner. The “OsoDifference” was derived from our constant pursuit towards adhering to Biblical principles and values in order to honor Jesus with our words and actions. Specifically, we want to love our neighbor as our self and engage with people to reflect this in all we do. We drive an environment of opportunity and acceptance and continually strive to make a positive, impactful difference in the lives of our employees, our customers and the community around us.

Oso, along with the entire family of SEF Energy companies, share a foundational mission and core value system and we all practice servant-leadership through focus, integrity and accountability. We are all working together to advance the goals of the organization and the people around us. We welcome the ideas and opinions of all our team members and customers because they are necessary for our continued success.

Quality & Craftsmanship

When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, Oso’s got you covered! Oso tests product survivability to API RP19B, so no matter what your completion program calls for, you can rest assured that we use the same high-quality, high-pressure rated products to cover your needs. In addition, we strictly adhere to an AQL in-process and finished goods inspection at our manufacturing facilities and perform incoming inspections on our products. With Oso, you get peace of mind knowing that we “measure twice and cut once” prior to shipment to your location. Contact Us to learn more.