The Colt 45 Perforating Gun System from Oso Perforating

Designed to Be the Best Bang for Your Buck!

Colt 45 is a revolutionary perf gun system uniquely designed by Oso's team of awesome ninjaneers. We have taken over 4 years of lessons learned in the integrated gun space and designed the most, robust, simplistic, and innovative gun on the market. The Colt 45 Perforating System has proven to be the most competitively priced gun with the highest efficiency in the industry.

We have streamlined the gun by reducing the components to almost nothing! We have eliminated endplates, heat shrinking, screws, wrapping wires, gluing pieces, and lots of other junk. The only fastener in the entire gun is one tiny rivet! By designing a system with decreased components, while also being charge and switch agnostic, we have created a perf gun system with as few failure points as possible so that you can shoot with confidence resulting in decreased downtime for a more efficient and cost-effective jobsite.

The Colt 45 Line of Perf Guns from Oso Perforating

Colt 45 Trigger

Colt 45 Trigger perforating guns are delivered to your jobsite fully loaded with no need to manage detonators on location, thus streamlining your entire wireline process. The Colt 45 Trigger comes complete with a unique ballistic interrupter and an innovative arming mechanism while also featuring the closest intimate connection between detonator and detonating cord on the market: No air gaps!

Do your company, and your jobsite a favor and choose the Colt 45 Trigger Perforating System today!

Colt 45 Trigger Side View

Colt 45 Revolver

Our Colt 45 Revolver system allows you to hit the bull's eye every time! No more weight bars. Just arm, pull the trigger, and hit your target every time!

The system is designed to be the highest quality self-orienting gun on the market. It features a consistent ground while also eliminating errors with plug in cartridges and wiring detonators. Just turn the interrupter and you are ready to screw these self-orienting guns together and fire!

Colt 45 Revolver Side View