Setting the Industry Standard

Oso Ninjaneers

Oso Perforating's team of engineers, affectionately known as the Oso Ninjaneers, lead the industry as dedicated problem solvers, solution providers, and innovators in perf gun technology. Drawing from years of combined experience, these industry veterans bring a unique blend of expertise to the table, combining cutting-edge technology with a sharp focus on cost efficiency to move the industry forward. Their mission is to design products that not only meet our customer's highest standards but also deliver unrivaled reliability and affordability.

Build, Measure, Learn, Optimize

Our engineers adhere to Six Sigma methodologies, employing a meticulous, data-driven approach to problem identification and resolution. Embracing the Gemba philosophy, they actively engage in on-site observations, gaining invaluable insights into operational and mechanical challenges that are often encountered on the jobsite. Following the Build, Measure, Learn, Optimize mantra, the Oso Ninjaneers ensure an iterative and feedback-driven development process, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptability to the changing customer needs and industry dynamics.